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Not far from Brno, because only around 20 kilometers lays Krtiny. This place with 800 inhabitants attracts tourists not only because it lays in the Moravian Karst but also because of its main attraction: The Pilgrimage Church of the Name of Virgin Mary.  

This 65 meter long and 35 meter high Marian Sanctuary was built on the ground plan of the Greek cross. The highest point of the church is a 73 meter high tower, which may be noticed by people approaching from every direction.
 Church along with monastery was set up in 1210 by Premonstratensians. The building we can admire today was the design of Giovanni Santini and was built between 1728 and 1750 by J. Ritz. Unfortunately Santini, who was probably looking forward to see his masterpiece standing, died before it was finished.
 Marvelous frescos on the ceiling was painted by J. Etgens. The sculpture of Virgin Mary at the high altar was made in XII century.  The church will definitely make an impression on you, especially if you hear the sound make by 33 bells. All of them weight around 2 and a half tone.
 Visiting the holy place is not the only thing to do in Krtiny, I think it is also an ideal starting point for hikers. There’re many hiking paths leading, inter alia, to Jedovnice, Babice nad Svitavou, Byci Skala cave and Vypustek cave. The last one is remote only a kilometer from Krtiny- on the way there’s an old quarry, where a red murmur was mined. A pity is that more than half of the way need to be covered on the roadside, later the path lead through the forest.  The cave is opened from 9 to 3:30 in October, then it is opened 3 times a day. Please see the opening hours here 

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