Sunday, 24 August 2014

Mohelno-Mohelenska hadcova Step,Dalesice Lake-Camp Wilsonka

Mohelno, Dalesice and other amazing places around. 

On our way to Dalesice Lake we stopped by one place recommended by my husband’s friend. That very weekend we’ve combined extreme with serenity, adventure with tranquility and adrenaline with peace. Quite a mixture. My husband tried, long awaited, fly boarding, while I was recording everything-that’s the adventurous part of the trip. And what gave us the peace of mind? A walk on the Mohelenska hadcova step-a steppe in Vysocina Region close to Mohelno city.

We parked at the Mohelsky mlyn, which is also a home for a gallery. On Saturdays (not sure about Sundays) it is opened until 12 p.m. then from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. If you ask the owner, besides the gallery he will show you two working turbines as well. From Mohelensky Mlyn we head to the blue path along the Jihlava River. At the very beginning I felt like I’ve been here before. I could compare this place to red path leading to Trenckova Rokle. Rocks, similar terrain, riverside- almost identical. However as soon as we turned right to Nad Mohelenskou stepi the scenery become more and more unique. Many stairs led us to the highest point, where we could admire the peculiar view. Every step we took revealed not only the spectacular landscape and meanders of the Jihlava River but also a bit terrifying chimneys of Dukovany Nuclear Power Station, which grew bigger and stronger the highest we got. For a moment I though all the toxic waste from Dukovany caused the steppe to appeared, but fortunately it did not. It was announced a reservoir in 1933, long before the Nuclear Power Station existed.  This place characterizes a 10 degree higher temperature than its surroundings. The variety of flora and fauna delights. Even though we saw only a centimeter big ants, a steppe is home for many more species like lizards, chinchillas, birds, insects and colorful butterflies. Amazingly you may not only see grass all over the place, but also different species of flowers. There’s one viewing point- the platform lays above the slope. We’ve been there for some time and then we head back to where we started-Mohelensky Mlyn. We went along the “cliff” following a blue path in the opposite direction we came from. This way we did a nice circle around and we didn’t have to go back the same way.

There’s also a parking place directly at the steppe(see the map for directions)

By the way, if you want to go crazy-try fly boarding at Dalesice lake - more information at their facebook page  They are at the Wilsonka camp, it’s better to book a lesson beforehand, but if you’re lucky you may get your 20 minutes between others.

If you want to go even more extreme, we’ve seen people jumping out of the Staropesinsky Bridge. It’s the only bridge on Dalesice Lake between Hartvikovice and Staropesin. For 350 kc you may try a swing jump – more info at FB page as well.  

If you are in the neighbourhood it would be a pity not to visit the brewery Dalesice, choose one of the tours they have to present and taste some of their products. After that, I think you may finally be hungry enough to sit comfortable, rest and order some good food. 

Monday, 4 August 2014

Trenckova Rokle

 Waterfalls in Trenckova Rokle

It was a place I was moaning about for quite a long time, but to set off I had to wait for the most favourable weather conditions. Somewhere have I read it should be rainy and wet in order to see the natural beauty of waterfalls close to Trenckova Rokle.  Since it was raining cats and dogs for several days before the weekend I thought that would be ideal. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough. It probably should pour heavy rain days and nights to fill the riverbed, so the water can later on fall down in close area of Trenckova Rokle.  I heard the best season to visit Trenckova Rokle is either winter, when the waterfalls form beautiful icicles or early spring, when the winter snow melts causing water-basins to fill in.

Not only the waterfalls were not as I expected but we also almost didn’t find them. Description I found on the internet leaded us to a wrong place. We climbed really high, but since there was no sign of any waterfall, we decided to return to Trenckova valley and start looking again. Good idea is to set up GPS coordinates (49˚ 21` 13.15``N 16˚ 22` 30.91``E ) and follow them. If you are not a holder of any device with GPS beware there’s no path leading you directly to waterfalls.  Keep in mind that as long as you reach the Trenckova Rokle, go through it and follow red path for a moment, then instead of turning left on the red path turn right (as I showed on the photo). If you reach green board with info about the region, go round it on the right side and you will see a rope. If you’re lucky you’ll hear falling water where you stand right now. But you may also climb higher using the rope. There it should be-the waterfalls.

You must be determined to go to Trenckova Rokle by public transportation from Brno. According to there’re two possibilities.  First it’s necessary to get to Tisnov, then either choose bus stops in Drahonin or Skryje\Boudy. The first option is more frequently chosen by Czech tourists. There’s no big difference in distance, both cover foot distance to Trenckova Rokle in about 6 kilometres. Don’t forget to check the timetable for your way back. There’s one bus from Boudy/Skryje at 16:49 and another from Drahonin at 17:55 to Tisnov.

The fastest and easiest way is to go by car. We decided to go to Tisnovska Nova Ves as it seemed quite close. We parked at somebody’s private possession as there’s no other option.  It’s a tiny village with no parking place. We only parked there as the building was not finished, the owner was not inside and it was Saturday. If not that we wouldn’t have place to leave the car. You may consider going to Drahonin or parking at the Safranuv Mlyn (49°23'37.515"N,16°16'51.470"E), but still you need to go through Drahonin.
Either way you should look for the red path, which goes along the river Bobrovka.

Despite some disadvantages I consider the trip very satisfactory. Hike along the river was vertiginous. Steep descents, high climb, narrow path- everything that didn’t allow you to be bored. Remember to take proper hiking/mountain shoes as it may get slippery in some places.