Tuesday, 19 February 2013


Klucanina, Tisnov

Another place I like coming back to is an observation Tower Klucanina in Tisnov. It’s about 25 kilometres north-west from Brno. Road to Tisnov is quite simple, just head Brno-Ivanovice, Kurim, Cebin and Hradcany if you go by car or take a train to Tisnov. The first time we’ve been there, we drove to Hanakova street, then walked about 2 kilometres. This Saturday, to create a bit of variation, we chose another location to start our journey with. We parked on the other side of the city, at cemetery parking lot. Set GPS to Cernohorska street and as soon as you reach cemetery, park there. Parking is free of charge and huge, so you’ll certainly find a place for yourself. Besides, there’re not many tourists at this time of the year, which is also an advantage.  Yellow path is the one you should follow, it begins behind the cemetery. You will have a hill on your right side, just go for it.  In case you have kids, they can also entertain the walk. There’s an educational path, kids can stop for a moment and play games like guessing, matching and so on.

From more than 400 metres above sea level you can admire astonishing views for each side of the globe. All you need to do is to step 133 steps. There’re actually two balconies , the first one for more frightened folks is located on 3,2 metres high. The other one, on the other hand is situated on height 21,9 meters.  But the real fun starts at 29,3 meters, and this is the highest you can go.  You can also find useful info there, stone boards will show you what’re you looking at.
I found it really interesting that architect  put names of all those people who contributed somehow to the tower’s building, which was reconstructed in 2003. People’s names were placed on bricks from which the tower was built.

Including “climbing”, having fun at the path, admiring views and stepping on the tower, this trip should take you about 2-3 hours. Unless you’re a professional photographer, who want to spend all day catching the best photo shot. Even though I think photos in winter are dull and gloomy because of the weather condition, I still believe it’s a really good idea to go outside, especially for ones who live in Brno. If you’re bored with Spilberk, museums and galleries, go ahead and visit Tisnov. Similarly to Adamov, I wasn’t really thrilled about the city. Almost everything was closed, only few cafeterias and restaurants were opened. We found a nice confectionery, ordered sweet cakes and something to drink. At least we could make up for all those lost calories. 

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden, Brno

Every year Botanical Garden in Brno exhibits some extraordinary specimens of exotic plants. Two years in a row I’ve been a part of it and now I can share my impression along with some fain photos 

Botanical Garden is situated close to Faculty of Science and quite close to the city centre. In order to get there take tram number 12 from Ceska street or Main Railway Station(Hlavni Nadrazi) directing to Technological park, get off at Konecneho Namesti (Konecneho square) tram stop. Only 3 stops ahead of you. I personally recommend a refreshing walk as this is not so far away, and what’s more the way is so simple that no one will get lost. 

In 2011 there was an exhibition with succulents and cactuses from all over the world. Big or small, spiky or smooth, round or oblong are only few among all I’ve seen there. Even though the room for exhibition wasn’t big, there was enough space to hold 2 or 3 metres high cactuses and plenty of small ones. The entrance fee in 2011 was 50kc (2 euros). I think this is a decent price. 

In 2012 I went to a carnivorous plants exhibition, which wasn’t as interesting as the first one, however still worth 50kc. During this exhibition most of the plants weren’t change, few extra species of carnivorous were added. Because there’s a year round exhibition in the second room, I knew what I could expect. 

 But if you didn’t have the chance or time to be there, I recommend to visit it during summer. You can encounter some nice examples of exotic plants like bananas, water lily, orchids and different types of palm trees. It is like a little jungle inside. You can also step on first floor and gaze at everything from upstairs. 

 I really like the fact that it is possible to purchase miniatures of plants that caught your fancy. In order to do that you need to move further to another room. Succulents and other plants are not as expensive there as in a regular florist’s, but it’s a pity you need to pay fee to get there. Buy as much as you need, you may not get this opportunity again. 

 What’s also interesting is that Botanical Garden holds a Jazz evening every year in August. You can come and listen to a jazz music while being surrounded by fragrant flowers. Hope you’re not allergic. 

Check the schedule at OFFICIAL WEBSITE  and plan your trip to a Botanical garden.

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Velka Klajdovka

Velka Klajdovka, Hady-lom

That’s the kind of place a girl would love to be invited for a romantic picnic at sunset or a perfect spot for unexpected proposal.

Velka Klajdovka is actually a nature reserve with quite a big forest where I got lost.

However more interesting place is old quarry called Hady, the entrance is allowed at your own risk. Unless you are planning to jump off the scarp, there is nothing dangerous in that place. It’s rather surrounded by some magical atmosphere, people come here because it’s so close the city centre and so quiet and peaceful at the same time. You can run away from the city’s turmoil and forget about your problems. This place is inspiring, I felt my creative side sitting on the edge of scarp. Brno lies at your feet, it’s so tiny while you’re powerful and imperious.

It seems not only I was influenced by Klajdovka, others left trails of their existence as well. Inspiring texts, piled from rocks are not the only thing you can marvel at. Enormous hearts made of painted red rocks and love confessions are among them.
I’m pretty sure a lot of people decide to take their wedding photos shot right here. When the sun sets Brno is covered by a beautiful hue allowing photographer to show his/her ability. Personally I’d like to experience the moment that Brno raises from deep sleep and feel morning dew on my face. I have to wait till summer....

Klajdovka is located between Brno Cerna Pole and Lisen. There are several buses you can take to get there: 78, 82 and 201 and the bus stop you’re interested in is Velka Klajdovka. You can start your trip from Brno Central Station (Hlavni nadrazi) by taking tram number 2 (direction: Stara osada) and getting off at the final stop. Here you need to change to bus number 201. It will take about half an hour to reach your destination. You can also use tram number 8 (direction: Lisen, Mifkova) and change to bus number 78 at Jirova bus stop. Another option from central station (Hlavni nadrazi) is to get in tram number 9 (direction: Julianov) and change it to bus number 78 at Delnicky dum stop. I recommend to check the schedule before leaving to avoid long awaiting time between stops.  IDOS is a good place to check it online. As I mentioned get off at the Velka Klajdovka stop. From here you need to go back a bit to a road crossing with the main street (Jedovnicka) and go up the road. As soon as you reach hotel Velka Klajdovka turn left and continue straight.

Enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Zdar nad Sazavou

Zdar nad Sazavou,  Saint John of Nepomuk's Church 

There's one place in particular that is worth seeing in Zdar nad Sazavou, I'm talking about well known Pilgrimage Church of Saint John of Nepomuk. Actually it was the only stop we did there, time was running and our day plan didn’t allow us to see more. We drove through city centre searching for some signs leading to church, but if not GPS we could have got lost. The Green Hill, because that’s exactly where the church is situated is a bit distant, let’s say 3 or 4 kilometres away from the city centre. Every year thousands of pilgrimages come to Zdar nad Sazavou to worship John Nepomuk or... to see the unconventional building. I need to admit that I was astonished by the building’s structure. Architect Jan Blazej Santini-Aichl did a really great job, church was built in Baroque Gothic style in 1719-1722 on the composition of five-pointed star, probably the symbol of five wounds of Jesus Christ, but also history of John of Nepomuk gets involved in it.

But let’s back to the beginning...we parked in neighbour residential district, just few steps from the hill. Sky was overcast, but maybe that’s better. There was just few sightseers. View from 172 cm above ground is not as beautiful as from bird’s eye, but still this place is a must when travelling around the Czech Republic. So better prepare yourself to visit it. It doesn’t take long to be fulfilled with photos and information, so you can stop for a moment on your  way to Prague or Pardubice. You can find information board at the main entrance. We were unfortunate, because the church was closed this day, they were preparing for Church’s night. Which was also a pity that we couldn’t stay any longer. We had to satisfy ourselves with outside sightseeing, which after all wasn’t so bad....There’s a small cemetery at Church’s yard. The composition of five-pointed star from the inside looked like small chapels linked with corridors, amazing....In addition there’re three other entrances, each on different side of the earth. One of them lead to a city’s cemetery, other showed beautiful chapel of Saint Marketa at the pond.

I wish I had money to see the church from bird’s eye view, but I was more than please to be able to go to that religious place and feel its atmosphere.

By the way, the Church became one of the UNESCO heritage in 1944.