Thursday, 26 June 2014



Two days ago I just happened to be in Pavlov, one of the villages in wine region in South Moravia. Even though the purpose of my visit was strictly businesslike, I couldn’t resist getting around the place at least for a moment. Straight after the dinner, loaded with energy I marched to the castle’s ruins visible on the nearby hill. I turned a deaf ear to others telling me how far it is and that it’ll take eternity to get there. About an hour later there I was, standing on the summit of one of Pavlov’s hill allowing myself to enjoy that moment. The castle is not as big as it seemed from the bench in hotel’s restaurant; it’s more like a cozy nest. Up there I felt like I didn’t want to get back, like the whole village was at my feet, I felt amazing… and that view-remarkable.  Vast lakes, forest and vineyard are among things you can admire. Once I was told the South Moravia is as flat as a pancake, but don’t be deluded, it’s an upland terrain and it’s easily visible from one of the highest hill in the neighbourhood. The highest one is Devin with its 549 meters above sea level.  

In order to experience what I did you should follow one of the green hiking paths: either NS Devin or Vinarska NS Mikulov. It’s not more than 1,5 kilometer from the city hall. What’s also interesting is the church in front of the city hall. It looked like it’s abandoned, but you’d never know. Don’t forget to drop by one of the wine shops and try their wine.

By the way there’re plenty of places to spend a night here-starting from a 3-star hotels to rooms to rent (ubytovani, pokoje)

All that only 50 kilometers from Brno in directions to Mikulov. Pass by Modrice, Rajhrad and Pohorelice, drive next to Aqualand Moravia in Pasohlavky and you’re there. 

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