Thursday, 1 August 2013

Boskovice castle and Western city

A week ago, for the second time, I visited Boskovice castle. Weather was warm and pleasant, not too hot-perfect for sightseeing.

Boskovice castle is about 40 kilometers north from Brno. Hit road E461 in direction to Svitavy. Recently often visited by my boyfriend and I.  After you reach Cerna Hora turn right on the next crossroad-signs to Boskovice. Once you’re in Boskovice, go straight on through the city until you reach signs directing to city centre. We parked at  the main square, on Saturdays after 1p.m. it’s free of charge, the same during week but after 6 p.m. On Sundays no charges are taken all day. 

The distance between main square and Boskovice castle is not big, it’s merely 2 kilometeres. Behind the town hall, which by the way is also available for tourists, turn right and follow the signs as well as yellow or red trail.

The entrance fee is extremely cheap(35 kc), but that’s because you don’t have to pay for a tour guide. The only tour guide you get is some sheets of paper with facts about the castle. You’ll read about different families inhabiting the possession through ages, its history or about usage of particular rooms.  Instructions are available in different languages-they also have one in English.
Tour shouldn’t take more than 2 hours. You should arrive at latest 30 minutes before closing time. During summer castle is opened till 6 p.m. Keep in mind that it’s closed from October to April. Full opening hours may be find here

Every important spot at the castle is described in the tour guide and of course corresponding name plates with numbers are located around the castle. There’re 16 stops in total. During your first stop you can admire the casket miniature of the ruins or supposed shape of the castle during Renaissance. What’smore at stop 8 you’ll learn that there used to be two floors. The first floor served as a representative room and on the second floor rooms for guests were situated. It’s quite hard to imagine because only ruins were left. For my taste, families had limited space there, but maybe I’m wrong. There’re also few observation points at stops 11,12,13 and 15 on each side of the globe. Entrance to spacious, dark and currently empty basements were also allowed, they used to serve as huge pantries.

Even though we spent quite a while on the castle, our trip didn’t finish there…

Because we still had some time, we went to Western city. It’s about a kilometer from the Boskovice castle, signs directing to Western city are visible from the city centre, so it’s easy to hit the target. A green path from the centre should also lead hikers there. Car park by the Western city is huge, but it cost 50 kc per day. One of the interesting things we were told before we even get to the city was the fact that  the only valid currency in the city is boskovice’s dollars. It’s possible to exchange it at the bank, in the saloon or in the exchange, conversion rate is 1:1.  We were also recommended places we should visit and showed how to get to the western city. It’s about 500 meters I guess, we got there within few minutes.

 All attractions in Western city are opened until 6 p.m. every day during summer. In addition every Saturday a country disco or gigs take place. So called Saloon 1870, which is also a restaurant and a pub is opened 24 hours per day. Men dressed as cowboys or Native Americans, women dressed as western or saloon ladies dancing country, quite a view. You could feel the atmosphere of Wild West. While adult long for the night, by day children are lured by Rodeo, Ancient World, horse riding or jungle park. They can also go for a horse show or learn how to throw a tomahawk. Inviting activities for kids were also gold washing or archeological excavations.

I found it really creative and extraordinary that it’s possible to spend a night within the area. You can either sleep in a wigwam for 200kc per night, pitch your own tent for 50kc per person, sleep in one of the hotels at the main street or rent a western style wooden house on “suburbs”for a bit more money.  Maximum capacity in those houses are 10 people. I think it’s popular destination for holiday camps.

Parents and their offspring will not be disappointed with time spent in the city, I guarantee.  

Western city's official webpage here


  1. This castle is simply awesome I've visit that castle 3 time's...

    1. Hi, so you might like Divci kamen castle as well. It's a bit further but worth seeing. It's between Cesky Krumlov and Ceske Budejovice, so if you happen to be in that region, don't forget to visit it: I'm planning to write my next post about it:)