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Moravsky Krumlov

Moravsky Krumlov

I planned this one day trip during summer holidays, to be exact it was on Sunday, 8th of July. There've been two aspects that made me go there. One was location, Moravsky Krumlov is only about 40 km from Brno, and the second one is the fact that I was astonished by people’s photographs from over there.

This was a bike trip, I’ll never forget the heat and scorching sun that I presently miss in the middle of winter, but back then it was a bit tiring. If I’m not wrong we went through Brno-Kohoutovice and Novy Liskovec looking for the way to Troubsko and Popuvky, under the highway D1, where was my lucky place (I found 20kc)Then we head to road 394 going through Neslovice, Ivancice, Nemcice straight to Moravsky Krumlov. Usually when we go to a new place we choose standard roads over bicycle paths, mainly because it’s less probable to get lost. At least for me.
Roads were leading across little villages and countryside, among sunflower’s crops but also right to the steep hills. Roads were everything but not flat and boring. The way to our destination prolonged because every time I’ve spotted something I had to stop for a moment and gaze a bit, take a picture and put the memory to a proper drawer.

City is situated in meander of Rokytne river forming packed centre, with only few main streets. Moravsky krumlov is not big, there’re only about 6000 inhabitants.

Undoubtedly one the main attraction of the city is Krumlov castle, which now looks a bit rough and shabby, but back in sixteenth century it was a renaissance residence, becoming an important place to social and cultural events. From around 1950 to  2011 castle housed Alfons Mucha’s canvases-Slav Epic that lured tourists.
Other interesting monument is Saint Florian chapel rising above the city. The baroque chapel is visible even from few kilometres. Once we saw it we wanted to approach closer and closer. The fact that chapel is high in the sky wasn’t an obstacle. We found strength to climb there. View, as usual breathtaking.
Surprising was that the main market was tiny and unlike the other in the Czech Republic. 
As for so small city, there’re four more churches spotted in different districts. Around the city centre you may marvel well preserved city’s fortification, which protected city from conquerors.
Last but not least I would like to mention the Jewish cemetery, situated on south west outskirts of the town. It’s a proof that Jewish lived there. The oldest grave is dated back to 1613.

City promotes itself as cultural, social and sport centre with many festivals, shows and concerts taking place. Unfortunately we didn’t have the chance to participate in any, but if you’re planning a trip to Moravsky Krumlov, a good idea would be to check what’s happening in the city, information is provided on the official site.

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