Saturday, 19 January 2013



Today, I would like to share just a few words about geocaching, which may be an alternative for ordinary walks. Places you've already been to may be interesting again, spots you thought you knew may prove to be mysterious or a nearby backyard may surprise you. And everything that because of geocaching. How awesome is that? All over the world there are places that hide some secrets, this application will help you discover them. Marks and traces left by those who enjoy travelling are inside the box, hidden in a place you would never expect.  

It's simple, all you need to do is to find a location you're interested it and write down the coordinates. Using your smartphone or compass go and have fun searching. Only in the Czech Republic there're 30,046 geocaches out of 1,977,760 active across the globe.  You can search location by typing post code, city or country. A list with active geocaches will show up, choose the one you want to find. Who knows, maybe it will turn up that you have a magic box right next to your home. Put on your slippers, and go outside. Once you’re in Prague for the third time and would like to experience sth new, find some geocaches neraby. You can rediscover the city from a completely different angle. Remember the rule, if you take sth from the box you need to put a replacement there. Perhaps you come accross a valuable and unique souvenir, you may take it, but beware…you should put there sth else.  

I personally think that it’s incredible and innovative. Standing ovation for founder/s. Really good job.

Have fun.  

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