Tuesday 15 January 2013



Who said we have to sleep through all winter? Although we are in 21 century, it’s still not possible to hibernate oneself. Who would pay your bills and feed your pet? And really? Would you like to do that? I know some of you would answer affirmatively. Instead I’ve got a better option. You can for instance go for a walk, you can even drive to a place and spend only an hour outside enjoying the view.

My proposition for one day trip or few hours trip is Adamov, but don’t focus on the city itself, because it’s drab. Instead let’s focus on the beautiful side of Adamov, its nature, forests, mountain trails and so on.  I've chosen observation tower, which is situated 490 meters above sea level. There are actually several ways to get there, no matter which way you choose it’s marked properly. We parked close to railway station and started our journey from that point. Remember, depending on the direction you go from you will get on and off in a different place. It’s a bit strange but platforms in Adamov are separated from each other by about one kilometre.

Observation tower is easily visible from the platform. In case you go from Brno, go straight on until you reach a bridge, you’ll also find directions there. Alexandrovka, because that’s how the observation tower is called is 3,5 km distant. You should follow the yellow trail at the beginning and as soon as you reach “Jesus” monument you should change it to a red one, finally to a green as this is the one leading directly to Alexandrova.  Now the monument is at your fingertips. The sign shows that it’s 1,5 km more to walk, but the short cut behind the monument is extremely tempting. Rangers wouldn’t approve, but it was a spontaneous decision. We were running out of time, every minute was precious. I didn’t want to go back after dusk. 15 minutes later we were there, sweaty and breathless with trembling legs and dry throats, but still smiling because we’ve made it.

Alexandrova was named after Alexander Suchanek, an imperial council. Architect Oscar Mratschek proposed stone design with wooden gallery and triangle roof. Tower, which was opened to publicity in 1887 measured 15 meters. Monument was almost completely destroyed during wars, not until 2008 was it reconstructed and opened again for tourists. Whole tower is now 18 meters high, wooden gallery was changed to a steel, people can climb on 75 stairs to 13,9 meters high and admire the view. First you’ll see small, industrial town with colourful blocks of flats-Adamov and its districts. Farther on south Bilovice nad Svitavou and Brno can be seen from the tower. On south-east side Babice nad Svitavou (2,5 km away) and a small city in a valley - Ochoz situated about 10 km away. Finally if weather condition allows, Letovice castle located about 40 km north from Adamov will also be visible. Unfortunately the fourth side is not featured due to bad visibility.

Now, it’s your decision which way you want to return.

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