Tuesday 19 February 2013


Klucanina, Tisnov

Another place I like coming back to is an observation Tower Klucanina in Tisnov. It’s about 25 kilometres north-west from Brno. Road to Tisnov is quite simple, just head Brno-Ivanovice, Kurim, Cebin and Hradcany if you go by car or take a train to Tisnov. The first time we’ve been there, we drove to Hanakova street, then walked about 2 kilometres. This Saturday, to create a bit of variation, we chose another location to start our journey with. We parked on the other side of the city, at cemetery parking lot. Set GPS to Cernohorska street and as soon as you reach cemetery, park there. Parking is free of charge and huge, so you’ll certainly find a place for yourself. Besides, there’re not many tourists at this time of the year, which is also an advantage.  Yellow path is the one you should follow, it begins behind the cemetery. You will have a hill on your right side, just go for it.  In case you have kids, they can also entertain the walk. There’s an educational path, kids can stop for a moment and play games like guessing, matching and so on.

From more than 400 metres above sea level you can admire astonishing views for each side of the globe. All you need to do is to step 133 steps. There’re actually two balconies , the first one for more frightened folks is located on 3,2 metres high. The other one, on the other hand is situated on height 21,9 meters.  But the real fun starts at 29,3 meters, and this is the highest you can go.  You can also find useful info there, stone boards will show you what’re you looking at.
I found it really interesting that architect  put names of all those people who contributed somehow to the tower’s building, which was reconstructed in 2003. People’s names were placed on bricks from which the tower was built.

Including “climbing”, having fun at the path, admiring views and stepping on the tower, this trip should take you about 2-3 hours. Unless you’re a professional photographer, who want to spend all day catching the best photo shot. Even though I think photos in winter are dull and gloomy because of the weather condition, I still believe it’s a really good idea to go outside, especially for ones who live in Brno. If you’re bored with Spilberk, museums and galleries, go ahead and visit Tisnov. Similarly to Adamov, I wasn’t really thrilled about the city. Almost everything was closed, only few cafeterias and restaurants were opened. We found a nice confectionery, ordered sweet cakes and something to drink. At least we could make up for all those lost calories. 

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