Wednesday 13 February 2013

Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden, Brno

Every year Botanical Garden in Brno exhibits some extraordinary specimens of exotic plants. Two years in a row I’ve been a part of it and now I can share my impression along with some fain photos 

Botanical Garden is situated close to Faculty of Science and quite close to the city centre. In order to get there take tram number 12 from Ceska street or Main Railway Station(Hlavni Nadrazi) directing to Technological park, get off at Konecneho Namesti (Konecneho square) tram stop. Only 3 stops ahead of you. I personally recommend a refreshing walk as this is not so far away, and what’s more the way is so simple that no one will get lost. 

In 2011 there was an exhibition with succulents and cactuses from all over the world. Big or small, spiky or smooth, round or oblong are only few among all I’ve seen there. Even though the room for exhibition wasn’t big, there was enough space to hold 2 or 3 metres high cactuses and plenty of small ones. The entrance fee in 2011 was 50kc (2 euros). I think this is a decent price. 

In 2012 I went to a carnivorous plants exhibition, which wasn’t as interesting as the first one, however still worth 50kc. During this exhibition most of the plants weren’t change, few extra species of carnivorous were added. Because there’s a year round exhibition in the second room, I knew what I could expect. 

 But if you didn’t have the chance or time to be there, I recommend to visit it during summer. You can encounter some nice examples of exotic plants like bananas, water lily, orchids and different types of palm trees. It is like a little jungle inside. You can also step on first floor and gaze at everything from upstairs. 

 I really like the fact that it is possible to purchase miniatures of plants that caught your fancy. In order to do that you need to move further to another room. Succulents and other plants are not as expensive there as in a regular florist’s, but it’s a pity you need to pay fee to get there. Buy as much as you need, you may not get this opportunity again. 

 What’s also interesting is that Botanical Garden holds a Jazz evening every year in August. You can come and listen to a jazz music while being surrounded by fragrant flowers. Hope you’re not allergic. 

Check the schedule at OFFICIAL WEBSITE  and plan your trip to a Botanical garden.

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