Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Praded-the highest peak in Jeseniky Mountain Range


Either on foot or by bus you may get to Ovcarna, a place which is a gate to Praded Mountain-the highest one in Jeseniky Mountain Range. If you’re lucky to rent a room in one of the pricey hotels you may use your car to get up to Ovcarna every single day, if you’re not… like me and 80% other human beings you must cope in other way. The best way is to leave your car in Hvezda parking space and continue by bus. In 2015 the parking fee is 100 kc per day (Hvezda next to the bus stop) and the bus ticket fare is 22kc, which is not much comparing to prices for accommodation up there.

The bus departs every full hour in direction to Ovcarna and it leaves every half past in directions back to Hvezda. The last one leaves at 17:30, so you better don’t miss it, because a 6 kilometer walk seems a wonderful idea during summer, but not necessarily in winter especially after dusk. Well but who knows what makes you tick...

It’s fantastic how the weather conditions change with every kilometer the bus takes. Pines and spruces covered with snow from top to bottom the further and higher we were. Almost like Jack Frost spent his winter break here blowing frosty puff all around. Nowhere else we’ve been during our days off in Jeseniky Mountains was even similar to Praded. The more time I spent outside, the happier I was. One thing I must recommend is to wait for a sunny, cloudless day, so that you can enjoy your stay.

And how is the skiing over there. The higher you are the windier it gets, but it apparently didn’t bother skiers and snowboarders, who climb to 1492 meters above the sea level to enjoy the downhill. Thrill-seekers won’t be disappointed- a black and red tracks are at the foot of the Praded Mountain. There’re also several blue tracks for those, who don’t feel secure enough on slope. It’s a pity the ski resort is not equipped with chair lift, but that would be a paradise then. There’re seven lifts in total in the whole area. As far as I am concerned one ticket is valid for all lifts in Praded-Ovcarna, Svycarna is not included. Prices are a bit higher than in other ski resorts in Jeseniky. All day ski-pass costs 500 kc, 4 hour ticket costs 350 kc. It’s possible to pay by card in the main ticket office, next to Figura Hotel. More info.

Again there’s an alternative for those who doesn’t ski or snowboard. The hike to Praded -3,8 km- should take you about an hour and 20 minutes, but take into account the fact that snow layer is at least 30-40 centimeters thick, so in case you don’t own snowshoe you may be a bit slowed down. Choose the green path if you want to get to the summit. You’ll be proud of yourself if you complete the “task” and the reward awaits of course on top-indescribable beautiful view.

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